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Vhf chat on4kst The chat

Vhf chat on4kst European VHF/UHF/SHF

Vhf chat on4kst ON4KST Chat

Vhf chat on4kst European VHF/UHF/SHF

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Vhf chat on4kst ON4KST Chat

Vhf chat on4kst VHF contest

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Credo tu agisca così per fare in modo che i tuoi messaggi appaiano in arancione sulla pagina in questione.

  • Some meteor showers are strong enough to make some of these measures unnecessary, but to encourage use of all generally listed showers there is no reason why the suggested procedures should not always be used.

  • Per testare questa funzione, puoi provare ad inserire il tuo stesso qrz al posto di CALL, sulla chat.

Trimiteți regulamentul la cât mai multe stații cu care ați lucrat! For software I use SDR Console, which is power packed and free.

  • MSK144 Operating Hints WSJT has also brought meteor scatter to many stations who in the past could only dream about such operations.

  • PROPAGATION As noted above, this is where the magic happens on six meters — all the various options for make exceptional QSOs.

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