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Maksimir Park (Maksimirirski perivoj) (Zagreb)

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AUTO MAKSIMIR d.o.o. u stečaju Zagreb

Maksimir auto Maksimir Park

Maksimir Park [Beautiful and Peaceful] » Visit Zagreb

Maksimir auto Auto Maksimir

Maksimir auto AUTO MAKSIMIR

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Maksimir auto AUTO MAKSIMIR

Autoelektričar u Zagrebu

Osim osposobljavanja kandidata koji ne posjeduju vozačku dozvolu, AUTO ŠKOLA AS nudi i usluge kondicijske vožnje za sve one koji posjeduju vozačku dozvolu, ali nemaju dovoljno vozačkog iskustva.

  • Highly recommend to come here with friends, family for walk, running or biking located in eastern part of town, you can easily reach it by ZET trams, about 300 hectares of green nature with meadows, creeks and five lakes, opened in 19th century.

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Dolaskom novih tehnologija značajno su se promijenili i automobili.

  • The English style park is also home to more than 100 bird species, specifically hole-nesting birds.

  • You can reach the parking lot from Donje Svetice Road by turning right on the stile immediately after the bus stop and before the traffic light intersection of Donje Svetice and Maksimirska Street.