Gtgtgtgtg - šŸ§” DNA transposon

Gtgtgtgtg GTGT Meanings

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Gtgtgtgtg Multifaceted roles

Gtgtgtgtg DNA transposon

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Gtgtgtgtg DNA transposon

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Gtgtgtgtg 9 Funny

GTGT Meanings

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We found one to three open chromatin sites in B4GALT1, B4GALT4, B4GALT5 and B4GALT6, which are indicative of active transcription.

  • Since DNA transposons may happen to take parts of genomic sequences with them, exon shuffling may occur.

  • Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.

The addition of the new DNA into the target site causes short gaps on either side of the inserted segment.

  • Thousands of copies of the TE have been found interspersed in the human genome as well as other animals.

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