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Sono emozionato per tutto quello che seguirà e spero di fare il meglio possibile.

  • I to nije sve! Ka┼że da bi ┼żelio investirati u region Balkana, posebno u BiH.

  • The Swedish Number is now closed.

Profesori su bili izvrsni, potpuno predani polaznicima, obja┼ínjavali su detaljno i trudili se da svima bude jasno, a najbolje od svega to nije bio uobi─Źajen sat kao u na┼íim ┼íkolama, ve─ç vrlo zanimljivi i zabavni sati kroz koje smo se bolje upoznavali, ali i vje┼żbali svoje vje┼ítine pisanja i govora u engleskom jeziku.

  • Only good note was the young lady who checked our bags in Warsaw and helped get our seats together after the airline messed the seat assignment up in the first place.

  • My flight from Warsaw to JFK in business it this moment she tell me I can switch sit and ask me to go I was shocked but this was only the bigining when I got to Warsaw I ask in the gate counter where should I go to print my ticket after I try to explain him 10 times what I mean he didn't speak English at all he told me to go pass the passport check and in gate 21 they will print it to me I fly a lot so I ask him if he sure becuse I am petty sure I will need my ticket the guy at the desk repeat imhim self so I want and waited 25-30 min in the line so the police officer in the passport check will tell me I need to go print my ticket So after the officer from the passport desk call someone he direct me to go to hate 26 and there they will print my ticket I want them and again wait for 15 min to print my ticket it was only me this is the sad thing I don't know what tool 15 min to print a ticket and it amazing how unsocial and 0 in customer service the lot polish employees I meet And this is without talking about the delay in my coming flight for 2-3 hrs a delay it something that happen a lot yes but the way they handled it again 0 in costumer service " Nev├Żhody: "I travel internationally regularly on business.