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  • There's something going on with eBay it's a ring of fraudulent people that were probably employees at one time and they're causing a lot of trouble the ripping people off their finding new ways to steal your money eBay's a security risk from the beginning they don't seem to care about the security I don't care about their customer base and they have many websites or some websites that leave you two people that aren't from eBay and they want to rip you off and they're good at it personally from eBay I think they should have a fun where if you get ripped off and you can prove it that you get your money back because there's just too many people out there that know how to act like you're from eBay and they're not I'll even send you texts and everything that look like they're from eBay me I think they have an inside job problem as far as fraud goes.

  • I realize we aren't going to get an exact timeline, but do want to note that many of us were hoping this would be available by Q4 of 2021, and now, with a challenging economy, it would be even more important to have this available by Q4 of this year.

The posters here generally don't work for eBay, but there are thousands of different threads and comments, so there's a good chance that someone else has experienced and solved the same issue as you before.

  • Plus you get a transcript of the chat.

  • Should I provide my PayPal info? Here's how to contact eBay online or over the phone.