Goli pistolk - 🧡 FINNISH ARMY 1918

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Голый пистолет

Pistolk goli FINNISH ARMY

Punjab: From Rings Mundri To Goli

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Goli pištolj 2 • Film • TvProfil

Pistolk goli FINNISH ARMY

Pistolk goli Goli pištolj

Pistolk goli Goli pištolj

Голый пистолет (1988) смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве

Pistolk goli Goli pištolj

Year 1960 Finnish military sold remaining Nagant revolvers to Interarmco, which exported them.

  • If shooting in indoor shooting range or from a cot, wearing a hat is recommended - the pistol extracts cartridge cases straight up and if there is a ceiling from which they can bounce back, some of them will fall on shooter's head.

  • It has a standard 7 round capacity 6-magazine, 1-chambered.

This small pistol has nice looking black matte finish too.

  • Ian Hogg and John Wells: Pistols of the World.

  • You can get off 8 shots before you need to reload 7-magazine rounds, 1—chambered.

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