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Series erotic tv 12 Sexiest

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The finale left their relationship in question but I think we all hope the pair ended up together living a lifetime of conjugal bliss.

  • By now you should know that maybe ever.

  • The relationship between Piper Taylor Schilling and Alex Laura Prepon was particularly steamy at times, but even though the couple embodied the two-comely-gals cliche, they were anything but basic.

There's only one problem, someone framed him for a murder he didn't commit, and Julian is hellbent on figuring out who put him away, and why they did it.

  • Though Jennifer Beals was the star, it was the escapades of the alluring and androgynous Shane Katherine Sian Moennig who many of us watched it for.

  • All I remember is an opening credit, and the next thing I knew I saw a couple going at it like monkeys.